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The Revolutionary Android Smartphone And What It Brings To Humanity

Android smartphones are becoming more popular each day. It debuted around the year 2008 to have a head to head face off with the ever famous Apple iPhones. But to our surprise it was able to keep up with its competitor the iPhone and even beat it in some aspects. It started out as a mobile phone with advance built in features installed in its operating...


Why Android Smartphones Continue to Dominate the Market

If you are using a Smartphone, then the probability of the phone being android is about 85%. That is according to statistics from Strategy Analytics released in the year 2018. Since the entry of Google into the Smartphone business, the Android platform has continually grown its market share in expense of its rivals that include iOS from Apple, BlackBerry...


Google Android

Google Android Operating System (OS) is the hottest operating system on the planet right now and for good reason.Android was founded in 2003 in the silicone valley (Palo Alto) California. The original developer was a gentleman by Andy Rubin, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Rich Miner. The OS was developed initially with mobile devices in mind and vowed to be different from other OS's which were developed before it in many important ways...


Android Marshmallow vs Android Lollipop

With its new features targeting to improve user experience, phone performance, functionality, and security, Android 6.0 Marshmallow will push aside the Android 5.0 Lollipop on Google's official software update release to be held in October. Such improvements that also answer the issues in Lollipop are the App Permissions update, app deep linking, Now on Tap, Android Pay, Doze, and much more...


Interesting Details About Android: PCs, 4.4 KitKat And Updated Developer Tools

For a long period of time, even if you put all the alternative desktops together such as Mac, Linux or whatever, Window will still beat them all by ten to one. That was before, but now is another story. As of now, Windows 8.x is still on the stalls of the different shops, sales of Chromebooks just came out of nowhere trying to to get in the low-end laptop...


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